diy geometric paper ornaments

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, most of us love shopping this time of the year, don’t you? By mid December, my friends and I are planning to get into a Christmas carol jamming in some places over the city as a partial fulfillment in one of our subjects. It is the season again of sweet melodies, delightful dishes, and enticing ornaments! Oh I can’t stop myself from saying, “I wish it is Christmas already!”

One thing I see everywhere is bright lights dangling with strings—ornaments! These ornaments, with the exception of the Santa and Reindeer variety, just popped up along our neighborhood and they are irresistible to look at. I see ornaments as great decor at any time of the year; in fact my grandma loves to hang them from the handles on our windows, from a nail to mix in with art on a salon style wall or to hang from a cabinet lock.

I’ve seen a lot of colorful ornaments in my time, but these geometric paper ornaments really make a statement! I came across some ornaments today in random blogs that I thought I’d share, these DIY geometric paper ornaments are handy—you can go with the bold brights or the softer pastels—mix them up!

These brilliant decorating ideas are originally from Field Guide Design. And they fun and handy in such a way!

(Images: Field Guide Design)


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