happy friday + friends that work together


Happy Friday, friends! Lately, I got stuck on making my school requirements, attending an American accent training, and walking with friends on places we’ve been before and as well as new places. I must say that we’re having great time with the company! It is funny to realize that you have friends that you can rely on and work with together.

We also celebrated a much-awaited and fun-filled festival last week in one of the barrios here in our city. Then there I’ve had the time to know further about them these friends I’m telling (what they like, their favorites, and interests). We were never hungry, thirsty, or tired. If we did, maybe it’s just because we never stopped walking around and around and absorbing the true essence of the festival! There were a lot of parades, bands, games, and, of course, food wherever you look at!

I fully believe in surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded, but also who challenge and inspire you to be bigger and better at what you do. To have found that in friends multiple times over is something I am truly so grateful for.

(Photo from last Monday’s break at school)


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