goodbye two thousand twelve

goodbye 2012

This past year was equally amazing as it was difficult. It was my first year as a successful blogger and I couldn’t be more thankful for where I’m at on this little adventure of mine. It is my dream to be a full-time writer someday—I feel so lucky to be doing what I savor at such a young age. And there are more countless things to cheer up about from the past year.

I wonder what is next. I’ve been waiting my entire life to feel this good about myself.  I’ve always been so hard on myself and though that drove me to do better work, it also drove me into moments when I simply felt no peace inside of myself until I accomplished this or that goal. I am a bit better now; I want to continue on my way as a blogger, leader, top-finisher, friend, classmate, brother, and son.

2013 is going to be a good year—I hope far better than 2012 (I sense it!). I hope you all had an emblazed holiday and you might as well kick-start the year right!

PS. If you’ll notice, there are many changes found here on my blog today. Yep! I’ll be having my new personal blog and I’ll focus on sharing more of my personal life—I think it’s a nice thing to do from time to time, isn’t it? Thank you so much to all of you for being part of my journey through this site. Getting to do this job and reaching out to you every day really means so much to me!


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