Today, Before 11 in the Morning

today, before 11 in the morning

Over the long holiday break, we had a total staycation. For us to surpass the uncomfortable feeling boredom introduced to us, we had amazing photobooth actions late this morning! I’d be so bored at home for a week, but it was actually amazing! My sis celebrated her birthday, I went to the church yesterday, and we recently got a puppy and decided to call him Psy (he’s so adorable that I can’t stay mad at him—even when he chews on my flip-flops and speaker wires, bullying elder dogs that are bigger than him, and purposely ignores me when I call him) and walked at the places we’ve been before as well as new places around the town… no schedules, no set plans! We just lived each day as it came.

Have a great weekend guys!


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