That Feeling…

that feeling

I recently heard someone said, “A winner is one who accepts his failures and mistakes, picks up the pieces, and continue striving to reach his goals.” My perception to that would be, of course, we do not live alone. We are born into families, we grow up in societies, we have our own labels and qualities we suit into, we become students of schools, members of other organizations. It all requires us to interact frequently with others. If we fail to achieve our aspirations, there are indeed possibilities and opportunities coming on our way to teach us to learn, to stand and be better.

We shall show our real character and skills. Once into this, we gain strength to break with the past to overcome old habits and we’ll be able to see what waits ahead. I think, to do this, we must practice empathy and synergy in our efforts to be productive and we must also listen to others through both ears and eyes.

I hope you all have a happy Tuesday!


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