Happy Friday + Best Outtakes

the guys the gals

Happy Friday to you, guys! I wake up this morning thinking, “I wish it is Friday….” And to my delight, it is! Ohhh, it’s time to get off at school today. I really enjoyed the atmosphere with classmates and friends in school these days where we were chatting and laughing from our seats, walking around the whole campus, eating and drinking, and of course, taking photos as it was usual every day. Each subject turns out easy as days flip into new. And the icing on the cake is that, there are 30 more days left before the most-awaited day of our graduation approach! I felt a little bit excited as well as nervous too for that day. It is like a boa eating me up! I can’t help myself. Funny, I’m that excited.

I had so much fun this week. I’ll be heading a bunch of queued work ahead of me between Monday and the rest days of the coming week so I plan to be lazy this weekend and constantly focus on doing nothing but watching movies, reading books, and playing games on my laptop in bed since I know that I have to get my energy up before the new week begins.


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