You Can Just Have One

Having looked back in the old days, my mum had photo albums to document the entire memento that take place over the years passed (from my first birthday to my elementary graduation). Though times are more high tech now and there are dozens of ways to documenting and sharing photos—through Facebook and Instagram, for example—having such hard copies of those “good” photos taken with your “good” camera preserved in a photo album still remains the best way, isn’t it?

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There are a few great sites where you can make books, but I recently encountered one called Artifact Uprising. You’ll surely love their cloth covers and how high-quality your photos look on the recycled papers. All you have to do is narrow down your photos you had taken over the course of the year (you can use a mix of Instagram photos, photos you shot with your good camera, and those taken by your friends and family) and, when the end of year came, it is so fun and much easier to look back at how your year went through. Who wouldn’t love to see photos in a 1000-page book and where you can hand down it from that shelf, don’t you?

How do you guys do preserving your photos? Curious about the system or method you used and can’t wait to hear it in the comments below! :)


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